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Kincaid Lake/RV Campground


The Village now has a link on our page, which will take you to a different website for the Kincaid Lake/RV Campground.   If you go to the community tab on our website and scroll down to Kincaid Lake, you will click that tab and then scroll down the page, you will see the link that takes you to Kincaid Lake/RV Campground.  The website has several different options that showcase the Kincaid Lake and RV Campground.  Click on the RV Campground tab at the top right and then scroll down until you see the calendar.  You will be able to see which dates are available.  There is also the option to make your payment.  For more information or any questions, please contact the Village of Kincaid @ 217-237-4713 or Mark Wolfe @ 217-827-5543.


Kincaid Staff