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Lake Lots/Boat Stickers/Golf Carts


The Village will be available for two Saturdays to collect Lake Lot payments, Inspect Golf Carts/Side-by-Sides, and issue Boat Stickers.  The first Saturday will essentially be for Lake Lot payments.  These are due before the 1st of April.  On Saturday March 30th, we will be open from 8am-12pm to collect your payments.  We will also be available to inspect Golf Carts/Side-by-Sides,  and issue boat stickers.  Remember Golf Cart stickers went up to $50, but if you are a disabled veteran and have your information with you, then there will be no charge.  You must bring your ID and proof of insurance to obtain a Golf Cart Sticker/Side-by-Side. The boat stickers are still $25 this year.

The next date they we will be available for inspections of Golf Carts/Side-by-Sides is, April 27th from 8am-12pm.