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Upcoming news 2024


We here at the Village of Kincaid want our resident's to be informed of upcoming things for the new year.  In 2024, here are a few new things that you will need to be aware of.

1.  There will be a 2% water increase, which was passed earlier this year.  We have to coincide with Taylorville's Water due to the fact, that is where it is coming from.  There will also be a 2% increase every physical year, so just be aware of this for future reference.

2.  As everyone has probably noticed.  There is $1.00 Cellular Surcharge on each bill now.  We pay a monthly fee for each and every cellular meter that has been put in the past year, so this is just one way to recoup some of that back.

3.  The price of Golf Cart stickers and Side-by-Side stickers will be going up to $50/a piece.  A new Ordinance was put in place, stating, that you will no longer be allowed to drive or operate 4-wheelers in town.

4.  The use of Golf Carts out at Lake Kincaid was passed by the board, but you still will need to come and have it inspected and pay the $50 fee for your sticker.  

5.  We are in the process of being able to incorporate autopay for your water bills.  This will be in the next few months, so we will definitely update you when this takes place.

6.  If you have not already signed up for the eyeonwater, then you might want to do so.  This app will let you keep track of your water daily, hourly and monthly.  It also will alert you to a possible leak or if the meter is not working properly.  If you have any issues with trying to download this app, please call our office @ 217-237-4713.

7.  Another new fee that was passed is the deposit fee for renters and commercial property.  The fee is now $300 for the deposit.  We do not ask you to pay this all at once.  The fee is split up into 2 payments over a two month period.  Unfortunately this fee was updated, due to the fact that we have had numerous people skip out and move without telling us or paying their water bills. 

8.  Resident's will no longer be allowed to use plastic bags for your leaves.  You will be required to use paper bags for the city workers to pick them up.  You may purchase these bags at the Village Hall for $1.50/ a piece.  

9.  A new Ordinance was passed stating that if your water is shut off for non-payment, there will $50 fee for shutting off the water, and a $50 reconnection fee to turn the water back on, plus paying your balance that is owed.


Please contact us with any questions or concerns @ 217-237-4713 or you may email us @ clerk.kincaid@gmail.com